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UFO Hunters in UK ‘Summon A UFO’ for documentary

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UFO Hunters in UK ‘Summon A UFO’ for documentary

Amazon Prime series Encounters of the Fifth Kind has launched today…

A new documentary by award winning film-maker Mark Christopher Lee is today released on Amazon Prime. The film investigates the so-called CE5 (Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind) protocols that have been developed by UFO experts like Dr. Stephen Greer which supposedly allow people to contact and summon Aliens and UFOs.

Film-maker – Mark Christopher Lee – heard about this and decided to up it to the test asking friends and fellow UFO enthusiasts to gather on Woodcock Hill in Hertfordshire to see if they could “summon” a UFO.

Mark Christopher Lee:

“It was an interesting evening and obviously we saw a lot of planes and stars being a clear night but we got to relax and hang out and talk UFOs with friends. But weirdly as soon as we finished filming for the evening and started putting the cameras away someone spotted something high up that wasn’t a star or a plane. Luckily we managed to get filming again and caught it on camera. It was definitely a UFO”

The film also encountered several unexplained setbacks such as when the co-producer Guy Thompson was unable to attend the filming due to a combination ofill health, his car breaking down and trains being cancelled.

Guy Thompson:

“It was weird as was all set to come up from Salisbury where I live to film in Hertfordshire I came over with this unsettling sensation and nausea. I decided to push through itand got into my car (which had recently been serviced) but it wouldn’t start! This increased my anxiety but I really wanted to get there so decided to take the train but once I got to the station all trains to London were cancelled! I definitely think weird forces were at work.”

The film is out now on Amazon Prime worldwide

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