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GREAT! Movies mark 9th anniversary of The Hatton Garden Job


GREAT! Movies mark 9th anniversary of The Hatton Garden Job

A gem of a film…

Nine years to the month after the robbery itself, GREAT! Movies have dug deep into its vaults to air The Hatton Garden Job – the remarkable true story of one of the most notorious and audacious heists ever carried out in the UK.

With an all-star cast including Matthew Goode, Larry Lamb, Phil Daniels, Joely Richardson and Stephen Moyer, this diamond crime movie is a gripping and entertaining dramatization of real-life events set over one long Easter weekend in 2015 when London’s Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company was burgled by four elderly men, all experienced thieves.

Four elderly career criminals have their hopes set on their most daring job yet: carrying out the plans to rob London’s infamous jewellery district, Hatton Garden, with a swooping total of a reported £200 million. Organised by a mysterious man known only by XXX (Goode), the four OAPs on the ground are led by a 76-year-old gangster, The Guvnor (Lamb), who heads up the operation deep down in the vaults of Hatton Garden over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Initially undetected, the jewellers soon return to work to find a gaping hole in the supposedly indestructible vault wall, with millions worth in loot having gone missing. With the Flying Squad hot on their case, will the gang commit the crime of the century or pay with their lives?

Steal away at the end of the Easter holidays to enjoy The Hatton Garden Job on GREAT! Movies on Thursday 11th April at 9pm.

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