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Pick of the Plots: Monday 1st April

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Monday 1st April

Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, April 1.

While nursing a hangover at The Vic, Linda is caught off guard by the sudden arrival of Sharon, who is back from Australia. Upstairs, tension fills the air as Linda worries about Sharon’s potential anger towards her after the events of Christmas.

Sharon panics when she learns that the meat thermometer that was used to kill Keanu is missing and that Johnny knows everything.  She calls for a crisis meeting.

Later, chaos ensues at The Vic when Linda is presented with the meat thermometer unexpectedly. The women are relieved to have the murder weapon back, as Sharon agrees to dispose of it. However, unbeknownst to them, the floor in the café has just caved in.

Meanwhile, Harvey confides in Eve about his concerns regarding Jean. Harvey offers a bribe to Lily, urging her to invite Jade over. He is reassured to see that Jade is making progress. However, Dean’s unfavourable response upon finding Jade at No.31 raises Harvey’s suspicions.

Elsewhere, Yolande and Denzel continue to butt heads before she is upset further by Agatha at the community centre. Pastor Clayton offers advice back at No.20 before Denzel surprises her with a video call from Patrick.

Later, Yolande is happy when she makes amends with Agatha and shares a well-received food truck idea with Pastor Clayton. The moment is short-lived when Yolande is left frozen in fear from an overly tactile hug from Pastor Clayton.

Also, Sonia excitedly discusses her IVF journey with Whitney in The Vic.

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Steve contemplates a letter from Tommy asking Tracy to relocate to Spain with him. When Tracy suggests that they reunite, he chooses not to give her the letter.  Later, Steve burns Tommy’s letter, but will he be able to keep his actions a secret from Tracy?

Meanwhile, as Daisy climbs out of Tim’s taxi with her shopping bags, Bethany reckons she must have spent a fortune but Daisy snaps that it’s all from the charity shops in Alderley Edge. In the Rovers, Bethany is intrigued to overhear Jenny admonishing Daisy for her shopping spree.

Later, Tim lets slip that he picked Daisy up from the centre of Manchester and Bethany realises she was lying. Is Bethany coming close to uncovering the truth about Daisy?

Elsewhere, David warns Maria that Audrey might have to replace her at the salon soon.  Maria waits for Gary to go out and then pulls out a box from her bag and opens it.

Also, Hope enquires about a paper round at the Kabin. After Brian confirms that there is a vacancy, Hope asks for an advance on her wages explaining that there’s a guy in the precinct flogging a cheap laptop and she needs the cash.

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Liam lets slip to Chas that Aaron may be keeping secrets over the gene test.

When Chas asks Aaron a direct question about the gene test, he betrays the truth through the briefest glance.

Meanwhile, Paddy, Rhona and Vanessa are tearful upon hearing that Pearl has passed away.

Elsewhere, Jai does his best to hide his guilt.

Also, Vanessa is shaken to hear that she’ll be expected to be a prosecution witness at Rhona’s trial.

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