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‘Gary Barlow Wines’ is the most in-demand British celebrity alcohol brand in the UK


‘Gary Barlow Wines’ is the most in-demand British celebrity alcohol brand in the UK

Gary Barlow Wines has 3,010 monthly searches on average…

Findings have revealed the most in-demand British celebrity alcohol brands, with Gary Barlow Wines topping the list.

Using Google search volume data sourced from Ahrefs, marketing experts at Upbeat Agency analysed the monthly search volume for search terms relating to 25 British celebrity alcohol brands. These included terms such as ‘Della Vite’, ‘Gary Barlow wine’, and ‘Rod Stewart whisky’. The brands were then ranked to find which are the most sought-after.

Gary Barlow Wines by Gary Barlow is the most sought-after British celebrity alcohol brand, with average monthly searches for terms relating to the Take That star’s alcohol brand totaling 3,010. Gary’s white wine is the most popular, with 100 searches made for ‘Gary Barlow white wine’ made per month.

Second in the rankings is Haig Club Whisky by David Beckham, with monthly searches averaging 2,510. The footballer’s most searched-for line is his orange-flavoured whisky, with 350 searches a month for ‘Haig Club orange’.

Virgin Wines by Richard Branson takes third place, with 1,700 searches per month. The British business magnate’s most sought-after product from his alcohol brand is the advent calendar, with 300 searches for the seasonal product made per month.

Rank Celebrity Brand Monthly Search Volume
1 Gary Barlow Gary Barlow Wines  3,010
2 David Beckham Haig Club Whisky  2,510
3 Richard Branson Virgin Wine  1,700
4 Sting Amante 1530  1,600
5 Delevingne sisters Della Vite  1,400
6 Lewis Hamilton Almave  970
7 Emma Watson Renais Gin  930
8 Idris Elba Porte Noire  620
9 Amy Childs Amy x Liquid Diamond  500
10 Ricky Gervais Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka  390

Taking fourth place is Sting’s Amante 1530, with 1,600 monthly searches on average. The Grammy award-winning artist co-founded the brand with CEO Ana Rosenstein, which some find is the perfect substitute for Aperol.

In fifth place is the Delevingne sisters’ brand, Delle Vite, with 1,400 searches each month in the UK. The 100% vegan prosecco brand produces a rosé variety which is the sisters’ most popular product, with 240 searches made per month.

Jordan Bucknell, CEO of Upbeat Agency:

“While many celebrities have started a company of their own, not many have been as successful or popular as these celebs. That is because they have a passion for what they are creating, and they are credible advocates for their brands. The brands have surpassed the initial celebrity hype stage because they produce quality products that have stood the test of time and silenced critics.”

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