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Big screen documentary looks at the world of John Singer Sargent


Big screen documentary looks at the world of John Singer Sargent

Step into the glittering world of fashion, scandal and shameless self-promotion…

It was those things combined which made John Singer Sargent the painter who defined an era in John Singer Sargent: Fashion and Swagger – in cinemas nationwide from 16th April.

From the award-winning film company and unique arts brand Exhibition on Screen this latest offering explores the unique creative process of the late 19th century’s favourite portrait artist and the way in which his work captured the spirit of a vibrant and rapidly changing age.

Using fashion to express personality, social position and identity, Sargent used a new visual language, working like a stylist to select and manipulate clothing, meticulously crafting the image of his often-powerful subjects. His daring choices often stirred up huge controversy, capturing alluring truths with each brush stroke and expressing power dynamics and gender identities which were as contested then as they are today. Sexuality, scandal and gender fluidity burst forth from these technically brilliant portraits.

Through interviews with expert curators, artists and contemporary style influencers, John Singer Sargent: Fashion and Swagger examines how Sargent’s unique practice has influenced modern art, culture and fashion. Audiences can revel in the splendour of Sargent’s masterful portraits, admire the sumptuous items of clothing which inspired him and understand how his work is as relevant today as it was a century ago.

This new feature film is based around the back-to-back exhibitions Fashion by Sargent at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Sargent and Fashion at Tate Britain, London.

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