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Soho Theatre presents: Jack Tucker: Comedy Standup Hour


Soho Theatre presents: Jack Tucker: Comedy Standup Hour

Zach plays Jack…

Chortle’s Comedian’s Comedian (2020) and quintessential New Yorker, Zach Zucker brings this raunchy, silly, so-bad-he’s-amazing, comic creation, Jack Tucker, back to Soho Theatre in London, in Jack Tucker: Comedy Standup Hour.

It’s Tucker’s first time with a solo show in London since his back-to-back sell-out runs at Soho Theatre in 2019. Since then Zucker has amassed over 30 million video views across social media platforms, and as Jack Tucker has had a smoking run of sold-out shows all over the world as host and fulcrum of chaotic cult clown collective cabaret ‘Stamptown’.

Now, having delighted seven weeks of sold-out audiences, and received exceptional reviews in Tucker’s home-town of New York, he’s heading back to London, armed with a juggernaut of skills, way too many catch-phrases, and a willingness to tackle the most hack material, all whilst accidentally (accidentally, at least as far as Jack is concerned, far less accidental on the part of his skilled creator) stumbling into some delicious satire.

Zach Zucker, Image by: Dylan Woodley

Fighting to save his marriage, regain the respect of his son, and pay off the countless loan sharks looking to collect their debts, this inexplicably soaking wet, soon-to-be-divorced, often shoeless lovable idiot, is wholly unaware that he’s in way over his head. Tucker will do whatever it takes to make you laugh. If the joke doesn’t land, it’s not because it isn’t funny, you just didn’t get it. Nothing can stop him, except himself.

Behind the sound-desk – as well as in the director’s seat – is Zach’s long-time collaborator and fellow École Philippe Gaulier graduate Jonny Woolley. With a barrage of hot cues on a midi pad at his disposal, Jonny’s foley skills amplifiy and enhance the theatrical experience by firing sound cues and punctuating jokes with cartoonish sound effects, creating a new style of performance that has been described as ‘jazz-clown’.



Venue: Soho Theatre, Dean Street, London
15th  – 20th  July

Time: 9pm

Running time: 75 mins


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