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Beti George and Huw Stephens sleep around for S4C

Beti George and Huw Stephens on tour for S4C


Beti George and Huw Stephens sleep around for S4C

Two of Wales’ iconic presenters are off on tour for S4C in a new series called Cysgu o Gwmpas (Sleeping Around)…

Journalist Beti George will tour the length and breadth of Wales with her companion, DJ Huw Stephens. On their travels they will visit some of Wales’ best hotels and restaurants, getting to know each other as they bond over their passion for good food.

Beti who has recently celebrated her 85th birthday:

“Women my age don’t usually get an opportunity like this. I can only think of Mary Berry as one who’s still going at this age! It’s an incredible opportunity if I’m honest. I was so glad that Huw was my co-presenter as he’s such great company – he’s so loved. There was a good relationship between the two of us. His career has been different to mine, and I enjoyed discussing his work and his life.

“My grandchildren Manon and Fin who live in Brighton, are big fans of Huw. It was great to be able to tell them that I’m co-presenting with Huw – they don’t think that I can ever top that!”

In the first episode, they visit Palé Hall near Bala. Huw stays in a room named after Winston Churchill and Beti stays in a room named after Queen Victoria. They aren’t impressed by those historical names.

Beti George:

“I’m not interested in the royal family to be perfectly honest. I declined an MBE partly because of the monarchy and the British empire. I hate to think about the empire.”

Beti George and Huw Stephens on tour for S4C

They both enjoy the luxurious hotel and excellent food. During the series, they also visit the Hawarden Estate, The Grove in Narberth, Parador 44 in Cardiff and the Albion in Cardigan. At Ynyshir in Ceredigion they are presented with 30 plates of food prepared by chef Gareth Ward who has two Michelin stars.

Huw Stephens:

“I didn’t have to think long before agreeing to do the series with Beti George. Beti is a great travelling companion, it was lovely to be in the company of such an interesting person. Every hotel offered something different. Each one is unique. It was just a pleasure to take part in the programme.”

The series’ soundtrack is an important element of the series, with the music complementing the locations that are visited. There’s also a Spotify playlist that accompanies the series.

Huw Stephens:

“We both suggested music to accompany us on the different journeys. Beti is a huge music fan and is interested in new music and artists. It’s great that Welsh music plays such an important part in the series.”

Cysgu o Gwmpas (Sleeping Around) begins tonight, Monday, April 8th at 8pm catch up on S4C Clic and the iPlayer

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