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Olly Alexander to make cameo appearance in EastEnders


Olly Alexander to make cameo appearance in EastEnders

Multi-award winning singer and actor Olly Alexander will be making a cameo appearance in Albert Square this spring.

After rehearsing nearby, he will stop by The Queen Victoria to catch up with his old friend Johnny Carter (Charlie Suff), and is given a hero welcome by Walford well-wishers ahead of his impending performance at the Eurovision Song Contest.

On his guest-appearance, Olly Alexander said:

“I’m thrilled to be making my first appearance on EastEnders and in the most iconic pub in the UK. I’m so happy I got to meet some true screen legends and spend time on set with the brilliant cast and crew. I wanted to surprise my mum as it’s her favourite show but I guess the cat is out of the bag now, she’s gonna love it!”

In typical EastEnders fashion, Olly’s visit will not be the only surprise of the night as one resident of Walford will decide to propose, inspired by the celebratory atmosphere. The couple in question and the all-important answer is yet to be revealed.

Chris Clenshaw, Executive Producer said:

“When we discovered that Olly Alexander was a huge fan of the show and an opportunity arose in one of our stories, it was the perfect moment for us to invite him to Albert Square to appear. We hope the audience enjoy Olly’s special guest-appearance as much as everyone at EastEnders enjoyed having him in Walford.”

The scenes were filmed in March 2024 and will air early next month on BBC One.

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