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The latest goings on in Home and Away, Neighbours, Doctors and River City

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The latest goings on in Home and Away, Neighbours, Doctors and River City

This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough, Letherbridge and Shieldinch…


Home and Away, episode 8216 Mackenzie pulls Levi in for a kiss – but has Alf spotted them?

Mackenzie decides to take the afternoon off and makes plans to spend time with Levi – come home as soon as you can, she tells him. But when he catches up with Eden, she confides in him the trust issues she still has following their father’s affair. It’s the last thing he wants to hear, and he’s clearly distracted when he does arrive for an afternoon of passion with Mac. With his own affair playing on his mind, Levi can’t help but snap at Eden the next time she takes a swipe at their dad – when does he stop being a villain, and start being human? After he vents to Mackenzie about his sister’s closed heart, she pulls him into a kiss. But as they draw apart, they see Alf passing by – did he just bust their affair?

Concerned for her safety, Cash warns that Stevie’s meeting with director Nelson Giles will have to be online. She immediately rails – this isn’t someone she’s going to mess around – hard no. Reasoning with her, he has to ask – when she said she was willing to compromise for her safety, was she serious? At the Diner, Irene gives Roo the heads up – Dana was tricked into speaking about baby Maia to the journo who’d been sniffing around. Later, their worst fears are confirmed when Roo reads aloud a scathing article that labels Rose incompetent and worse, names Tane for his “obsession” with the baby.

Justin is nervous for Leah’s imminent return – he remembers all too well the state she was in last time she came back from the clinic. When she gets back earlier than expected, it prompts Justin to confess he is worried for history to repeat. She understands, and reassures him she has all the clarity she needs.

Valerie and Theo flirt over breakfast, but she’s resistant to the public affection – she fears Justin and Leah could find out about their relationship. Speaking of Leah, she asks the boys to go for a surf so that she can have time with Valerie. When they’re gone, she speaks candidly to her friend – the clinic were asking about her. She failed to mention to Leah that she had discharged herself, and now her counsellor is worried about her.

Dana’s crushed after her actions resulted in Tane getting into hot water, and Harper’s good intentions to lift her fall flat, with the sisters having a loud argument in the middle of the surf club. Dana believes some children are better off without their parents, while Harper is sure they could never understand whatever that mother was going through. These strong opinions clearly reflect differing perspectives on their own upbringing, but when they come together later for baby Maia, they’re united – they’re lucky to have each other.

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the series also streams on My5. 


Neighbours, Leo, Holly, Nicolette and Aaron discuss the latest in The Waterhole

Krista continues hiding the extent of her spiral from Leo, as she and Aaron remain committed to staying on the straight and narrow. But Leo’s increasingly concerned Krista’s troubles run deeper than she’s letting on. Meanwhile, Chelsea continues to present herself as a support to Krista, all while juggling her increasingly inconvenient arrangement with Jeffrey. But when Krista catches Chelsea and Jeffrey together in Chelsea’s room, Chelsea’s sweet façade immediately collapses. She threatens Krista with mutually assured destruction: if Krista tells Paul she’s having an affair, Chelsea will reveal all about Krista’s recent benders.

Preparing to take off with Wade, Haz is busted by Byron, Holly and Mackenzie. Haz’s loved ones are deeply disappointed in his plans to flee and convince him to stay and face the music instead. But later, when Aaron, Jane and Nicolette drop by to talk things through with Haz, Byron discovers he’s vanished, leaving them all behind; even Trevor. Mackenzie is gutted that Haz has seemingly proven once and for all that he’s not the wonderful guy she thought she fell for.

Meanwhile, Krista sees Paul confronting Penny and learns she is a suspect in the sauna door locking. Krista is left confused and not looking forward to what she knows she now has to do: get her family involved. She turns back to drugs to dull her pain, before having a shocking realisation…Andrew cautions Cara and Remi to let JJ deal with his pain his way. Taking advantage of JJ’s higher spirits post-workout, the mums suggest JJ should let go of the letter he wrote to Felix. As JJ staunchly bites back and retreats upset, Cara and Remi realise they’ve pushed too hard.

Toadie returns to Erinsborough and makes it clear he’s going to do whatever it takes to make Terese see that he’s worthy of another chance. Susan, meanwhile, insists that she’s decided to turn down the Ops Manager job at Eirini Rising, however when Toadie shares with Karl how much Susan lit up when she talked about it, Karl makes it his mission to convince Susan to re-think her decision and assures her they’ll find a way to navigate her concerns.

Jane reminds Nicolette of how Aaron and David forgave her for keeping Isla from them and challenges her to show Aaron the same compassion. After exchanging apologies, Nicolette sees Aaron’s pain and assures him they are still a family unit, despite David being gone.

Neighbours streaming from 7.30am, Monday to Thursday, on Freevee UK


Doctors, series 24, Zara Carmichael

Jimmi spots Suni in the same position as last night and questions if he’s been there all night which Suni denies. Jimmi warns Zara that Suni is working too hard, and Al questions Jimmi getting involved, telling him that Zara focussing on Suni is a good thing for them. Bear checks in with Suni and lets slip that Daniel is taking his money out of the practice in a few weeks. Suni didn’t know and is annoyed that Zara is hiding things from him. They have an emergency meeting and make a plan for handling the situation. Later, Bear knocks on Zara’s door and reveals that the Vice Chancellor of the uni has been on the phone.

Kirsty tells Luca that she hasn’t heard much from Dave since his last appearance at the surgery. At lunchtime Kirsty is working at the reception desk when there’s a knock on the door; it’s Dave. Kirsty reluctantly lets him in but makes him wait before they speak.

A stressed Zara calls Bear and Suni in for a meeting. Suni is surprised to hear about The Campus, and his lack of focus irks Zara and she gets increasingly irate as his suggestions fall short of the mark for her. Bear tries to referee without much success and Zara ends up delegating all the work to her and Bear, leaving Suni with little to do and feeling side-lined.

Paige turns up for work and Scarlett warns her to stay away from Zara as she’s in a bad mood. Scarlett clocks the dress Paige is wearing and Paige reveals it’s one of Zara’s that she was giving to charity. She took it from the pile and altered it to fit her. Scarlett is lost for words. Later Michelle notices the dress as well and talks to Scarlett and they realise they need to keep Paige away from Zara. Michelle is busy with patients so it falls to Scarlett to keep them apart, which she manages to do until the very end of the day when Paige gets past Scarlett while Scarlett is stuck on the phone. Scarlett and Michelle can only listen as Zara goes ballistic at Paige.

Zara’s explosion is the talk of the surgery and Kirsty expects that Paige will take one of her ‘mental health days’ but to her, and everyone else’s surprise, Paige arrives at work on time with Sid. Paige and Sid think that Zara was out of line and Sid wants to talk to her. Kirsty tells him Zara isn’t in until later, but good luck explaining to Zara that she’s in the wrong! Bear asks Suni if they can do a working lunch to go over the pitch, but Suni plans to meet a uni friend. Suni meets up with Farah at the Icon and they have a great time reminiscing. Suni shares his news about making partner at The Mill.

Pensioners Emily, Owen and Yvonne arrive outside a school to protest against pollution. Yvonne and Owen go one direction, handing out leaflets politely, but Emily heads off alone to protest loudly and proudly. Rob’s asked by the headteacher of the school to have a word – some of the parents are complaining about being harassed. Emily’s defensive when Rob warns her to keep it civil. Owen and Yvonne head off for a coffee but he’s distracted, thinking about Emily – much to Yvonne’s jealous displeasure. Meanwhile, Emily starts having a go at a couple in an SUV, kicking their tyres for attention when they ignore her and threatening to spray them with a bottle of insect repellent.

Bear starts the day with some number crunching, but Scarlett’s concerned when he comes in looking shocked, and asks her for a word. He tells her the receipts for her taxis to do VPAS are really high. Scarlett worries he’s going to take her off it, but he reassures her he won’t. He just wanted to know if she’d booked another driving test? She tells him she has – it’s next week, but she’s nervous. Bear suggests asking Rob for some refresher lessons. Scarlett calls Rob who’s chuffed that she asked.

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.


Will all go to plan this week with the double wedding of Mikey and Jonathon and Michael and Bernadette…

River City, BBC Scotland Channel Monday and Wednesday at 10 pm. Also on BBC One Scotland on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm

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