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‘Bloodline” at Cannes


‘Bloodline” at Cannes

Bloodline, a thrilling action film co-directed by Jojo George and production company Temple Capital Partners, has wrapped production and is now actively seeking a worldwide distribution deal.

The movie is co-produced with The Bashford Twins, who enjoy familial ties to India and are culturally sensitive to Britain’s Colonial past in India. Filmed predominantly in Kerala, India, this action-packed saga promises to captivate audiences with its gripping storyline and breathtaking visuals.

Bloodline follows the journey of Bella (Adrianna Edwards), a resilient and determined character on a quest to rescue her sister, Alice, lured into the forests of modern-day India by an Ancient curse. Amidst police stations, villages, jungles, and manor houses, Bella uncovers her connection to an ancient bloodline, hidden treasure, and a centuries-old curse. The film unfolds through adrenaline-pumping action sequences, chases, sword fights, and martial arts showdowns across six distinct locations. Bella narrates her story in flashback to her therapist, Dr Harris (Suanne Braun) in present-day America.

Featuring a stellar ensemble cast, Bloodline stars Suanne Braun, known for Netflix’s “The Princess Switch Trilogy,” alongside rising talent Adrianna Edwards. The UK casting, led by Carolyn McLeod, ensured a diverse and dynamic lineup. Additionally, the film showcases martial artist Abbas Alizada, widely recognised as the Afghan ‘Bruce Lee’ for his striking resemblance. Actor Director Jojo George and actress Hannah Minnock, as the doomed Alice, round out the cast bringing romance, mystery and sensitivity to the screen.

Co-producers, The Bashford Twins, expressed their excitement about sharing this action-packed adventure with audiences, and cited their ancestral roots in India as a driving force to take on the project.

“As filmmakers with familial ties to India, the chance to produce a movie there has been an ambition for us and working with Temple Capital Partners felt like a perfect fit. Witnessing the breathtaking fight sequences orchestrated by seasoned stunt coordinator Mafia Sasi was incredible bringing back memories of watching Bruce Lee films with our dad.”

Temple Capital Partners said:

We’re delighted to have been able to support JoJo George in realising this dynamic story and showcase the diverse talent and rich cultural tapestry of the region. We have taken a hands-on role in producing, directing, and rewriting the script for a Western audience. As the sole finance house for the entire project, we have been involved directly in every decision throughout the post-production and were keen to bring out the high-quality work undertaken in India, through working with The Bashford Twins to finalise post-production”.

The film will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on the 15th of May at 8pm.

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