Countryfile to launch daytime spin-off as primetime show proves ratings hit


BBC One’s Countryfile is celebrating a ratings success and a new spin-off series.

“The Countryfile family is a big one reaching a huge audience every week. It’s wonderful that Countryfile has become the most popular weekly factual series on television, but it’s all down to the enduring love-affair between the British people and their countryside.” – Bill Lyons, Countryfile Executive Producer

The show achieved record ratings last year with its highest consolidated series average to date. Figures reflect Countryfile’s broadcast slot in it’s peak BBC One evening slot which it moved to in 2009 following its previous run in the weekend daytime schedules.

The programme had a 2015 consolidated series average of 6.0 million (30% share), achieved over 7.1 million viewers consecutively across seven weeks at the start of the year, and grew its audience in the autumn with figures over 7.2 million from 8th November to 13th December. The highest-rating episode of the series was 7.8 million on 22nd November.

The brand is to expand with Countryfile Diaries which will offer a further insight into country life witnessed through the changing of the seasons. The five-part BBC One Daytime series will be stripped across the week and will coincide with Countryfile Seasonal Specials. Viewers will get to see how each season affects the landscape, wildlife and the people who live and work in the countryside.

The series will launch in spring 2016, when the landscape is undergoing an extraordinary transformation, awakening from its winter slumber. A day in spring is a lifetime for some, and the beginning of life for others. Survival is down to one simple thing – timing.

“Countryfile is one of the best-loved shows on television and Countryfile Diaries will allow BBC One Daytime viewers to further enjoy the full splendour and sheer variety of life in the British countryside during key moments of the year, starting with spring 2016.” – Dan McGolpin, Controller of BBC Daytime

Countryfile Diaries locations and presenters are still to be announced.

Countryfile in Dorset episode (22 Nov 2015) was the 2015 highest rating episode with a consolidated audience of 7.84m/36% while Countryfile had a consolidated audience of over 7.1m from 18th January to 1st March 2015. The 2014 consolidated series average was 5.7m/26.4% while the 2015 consolidated series average is 6.0m/29.7%.

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