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Paul Potts ponders Britain’s Got Talent 2024


Paul Potts ponders Britain’s Got Talent 2024

Following the final last night former BGT star Paul Potts has spoken about the ITV show…

Speaking to Sky Bingo Paul has been sharing, over the past few weeks, his views on the show, and Sunday’s final saw as The Telegraph put it, ‘Sydnie Christmas blew the roof off Hammersmith Apollo with her soaring rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow and duly romped to victory.’

Following criticism over some BGT performers being ‘professional’ artists Paul noted,

“Britain’s Got Talent is not about untrained or amateur talent. It’s not about talent that hasn’t been seen elsewhere – it’s simply about talent. With Innocent [Masuku], for example, I wish that they are allowed to talk about his training. A lot of the criticism that the opera and classical music role has is that there is this impression that you can suddenly become a brilliant singer with little or no training. But they haven’t talked about his training.

“He has worked hard to get into the English National Opera. Everyone knows that he’s been to the English National Opera so let’s not talk about it as it doesn’t exist. Instead, let’s embrace that and show the amount of work that he’s put in himself to get his talent there. Yes, he’s had a lot of training, but I don’t see what the issue is. And the Ssaulabi Performance Troupe were also very impressive. Forget their background. They are so talented and they are fun to watch. The fact they were so together in their semi-final performance was incredible. They are more together than a lot of dance acts. There was a great amount of energy. I say ignore the criticism and keep producing the goods.” 

It should be noted the talent shows of the 1960s and 70s all featured professional artitsts – in fact back then you had to be already performing to get onto programmes such as Thames TV’s Opportunity Knocks and ATV’s New Faces.

Paul also pondered the criticism that the show is ‘Everywhere has Talent so come to Britain’s show’.

“You have to balance it. Innocent is based in the UK while the Ssaulabi Performance Troupe might hail from South Korea but they have showcased their talent and are also entitled to be on BGT. They have shown what they can do. They are more than entitled to compete. You want to see the best acts on your TV screens.” 

We should be celebrating talent rather than being cynical is something Paul also observed when speaking exclusively to Sky Bingo

“I think people will always have some cynicism when they come across someone very talented. They will automatically think, why aren’t they telling us this and that about this act? This is when I think BGT can be more open about the kind of training people have had. It’s brilliant when you get someone straight off the street and who is not professional in any kind of way. I was that person and when I did BGT, 17 years ago, the show was open about it. It was on the website about what training I had and what I had done before.

“So it was very much out in the open. Yes, it’s great when you find someone from nowhere but it’s not wrong for other people who have worked hard to get the chance to take their career forward. That is an incredible thing in itself. We should be celebrating talent overall. Let’s showcase the talent. It’s a bit different if you have someone with an international career and you hear someone on TV everywhere with a multi-million pound deal. But if you are treading the boards at local theatres and doing the Working Men’s clubs, then I don’t see the issue with them doing BGT. That should be celebrated as that’s hard in itself and you are working day in and day out. If someone can show their talent I see that as good rather than bad.”

Judges should carry on buzzing…it’s part of the show says Paul. 

“I think if an act is going really badly, I don’t think it’s rude. The buzzers are there for a reason. But it does pose the question that if you are going to use the buzzers, why are they in the semi-final? The buzzers should be used really carefully. I think if you have the quality you kind of wonder if there’s any need for the buzzers.”

Paul also suggests shaking up the format. Bring in a fifth judge – the deadlock verdict needs shaking up he notes 

“It’s happened [a deadlock] in every show and it happens almost every year. Some should argue that the judges should just judge. I think BGT needs five judges. They need an odd number to make it work better.

“Then it actually becomes judging. I get why they don’t want to send children home and break a child’s heart but at some point, they have to make a decision. Having an even number means you always have that risk that it’s going to keep going to deadlock. You might as well have it all done on audience votes. Another option is to give a casting vote. It will be interesting to see if it has an impact on the final. It’s a common theme though.”

Paul later added, “Of course [I’d like to be a judge]. I’d love to do it – make me the fifth judge. I’ve done guest judging before so I have the experience!”

Catch up with the Britain’s Got Talent final on ITVX and the STV Player.

Pictured: Ant & Dec and Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell, Bruno Tonioli.

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