The Secret Life of Cats, a big brother style monitoring of domestic cats, attracts a near 5 million viewers.

A black cat, ATV photograph 2013

An average of 4.9 million viewers tuned into BBC Two at 9pm to watch 50 cats in a Surrey village put under surveillance to see what one of the nation’s favourite pets get up to. Using miniaturised lion GPS collars scientists from the Royal Veterinary College were able to track the cats’ secret journeys day and night, to find out exactly where they go and what they get up to.

At the same time on Channel 5 the ultimate voyeur reality TV show kicked off for a new series. With a new house, new presenter and a batch of new contestants, the live launched managed just 2.1 million viewers. However Big Brother did beat Channel 4’s  Confessions of an Alien Abductee which pulled in under 1 million viewers.

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