‘Anti Thatcher’ Song On Track For Top 10

There is a right ‘ding dong’ going on over a protest song celebrating the death of former PM Margaret Thatcher.

The online campaign to get Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead in the UK singles charts, in response to the death of the former P.M Margaret Thatcher, is on track according to mid-week sales figures.

There were some claims that the song, originally from the 1939 cult favourite The Wizard of Oz, was too short to qualify for the UK singles charts. However, those reports were denied by the Official Charts Company which confirmed the song was eligible under its rules.

The song has been downloaded by opponents of Margaret Thatcher and “Thatcherism” in general. The Official Charts Company has revealed that so far 10,600 copies of the song has been downloaded and therefore was on track for a Top 10 slot. In fact if sales continue at the end of the week then it could reach number 3 in the UK singles charts.

Previously it was announced that three different versions of the song were charting but the version which is performing best is the track from The Wizard of Oz itself. The success of the song in the UK charts – backed by an online campaign – presents problems for the BBC. BBC Radio 1 plays the Official Chart Update and the Official Chart Show.

The station has stated it plays a “selection of entries” each week meaning – at the moment -it can avoid playing the song. However, Sunday’s official chart show will mean the BBC will either have to play the song – and come under heavy criticism from the right-wing media which dominates the UK – or omit the song and come under fire for censorship.

The death of Margaret Thatcher has prompted many in the political and media elite to pay tribute to the former Prime Minister. However, not everyone in the country has been so quick to mourn her passing. As well as the online campaign to get Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead into the charts there were also parties in various locations around the UK celebrating her death.

There are also campaigns against the state paying the costs for Thatcher’s funeral and the security operation surrounding it. It has been revealed the police operation will be the biggest in London since last year’s Olympics because of fears of protests and possible riots.

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  1. THE WITCH IS DEAD deserves to reach NUMBER ONE as Maggie Thatcher was a wicked old witch they used to BURN AT THE STAKE dam FREAKS like her she deserves what shes getting after 18 years she destroyed this countrys manufacturing, closed nearly all the COAL MINES and made 3 million unemployed now we have DESPARATELY DIM DAVID CAMERON hes doing the same 20 years since she did the WALK OF SHAME in 1990 and with him we will get a GREAT DEPRESSION. All I can say THATCHER you go and rot in HELL with SAVILLE and your other FREAKS as theres an old saying after her death FRANKLY MY DEAR I DONT GIVE A DAM!

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