Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham in new Snickers advert

EyeSpy: Dynasty actresses Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham have reunited for a new advertising campaign for Snickers.

Stephanie Beacham (right) as Rose Millar and Emily Bolton (left) as Christina Campbell in Tenko, BBC TV

The two actresses famously played scheming rivals Alexis Colby and Sable Colby (they were cousins) in the memorable 1980s super-soaps.

Fans of Dynasty are hopeful the revival of Dallas will lead to its rival being revived as well – something Collins has previously stated she would wish to be a part of.

Joan Collins, as herself, (far right) with Bill Tarmey and Liz Dawn as Jack and Vera Duckworth in a Coronation Street special.

Anyway Beacham and Collins have replaced Mr. T as the new faces of Snickers bars (yes we still call them Marathons too) and below is the first advert to feature the duo; this is the UK version of the ad.

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