Famed restaurant owner Russell Norman is coming to BBC Two to help new restaurateurs.


Russell will share his rulebook with six first timers over the critical months that will seal the fate of their business; the last months before launch when they make critical decisions and the first month after when they feel the consequences.

Norman runs a number of high profile restaurants in London and is said to have done well during the recession of recent years.

In another commission announced today, BBC Two will air Restaurant Wars, which pits two of Britain’s top chefs who head to Manchester to open a Michelin starred restaurant – in a city which hasn’t had one for 30 years.

The Restaurant Wars will see behind the secret world of menu conception, explore the passion and pain of culinary genius while revealing the colossal financial risk of opening a world-class restaurant in a recession. With two of the food scene’s rising stars and biggest personalities, the battle for Manchester begins.

The Restaurateur will be a six part series made by Twenty Twenty and The Restaurant Wars produced by Brassy TV.

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