Comedian Jack Dee is to present a new series for Sky Atlantic. Don’t Sit in the Front Row sees four members of the public sit in the front row of the audience with their lives providing the raw material for a panel of comics.

Created by two former producers of Have I Got News For You, guest comics featuring in the series include Phil Jupitus, Frank Skinner and Sue Perkins. The twist is that Dee knows everything about the Front Rowers, whilst the panel knows nothing, creating the perfect opportunity to probe into their life stories in search of laughs.

The more material the Front Rowers provide, the longer they’ll last as the panellists have to choose who to eliminate at the end of each round. The last Front Rower standing will be crowned with the ultimate prize of a much coveted ‘Golden Chair Award’.

Speaking about his new series, DEE says, “It is refreshing to work on a show that encourages such spontaneity and interaction between the comedians and the studio audience. The panellists are great but as Front Rowers reveal more of their weird and wonderful stories, I think the real stars of the show will be the public.”

Don’t Sit in the Front Row airs from 29th October at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

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