Peter and Joey in ‘Enders clash, Corrie’s Tina torn over baby, Drunk Belle in Emmerdale



A fight breaks out between Peter and Joey in EastEnders on Tuesday 25th June.

The heated situation occurs after Lauren fails to return home following her date with Peter and Max and Tanya head over to the Beale’s in search of answers. Lucy covers for Peter and tells them that Lauren went off with a group of friends from college and sent her a text message to say so

However, it’s not long before holes start to appear in Lucy’s story when Lauren’s bag and phone are discovered outside R&R.

When Lauren does return home it soon becomes apparent that there is something seriously wrong with her as she is in a lot of pain. An ambulance is called and Lauren is rushed to hospital with an anxious Max and Tanya by her side.

Back on the Square, Joey is furious to hear about Lucy’s lies and angrily confronts her. Peter steps in to defend his sister and the situation quickly escalates into a brawl but who will come out on top?


Coronation Street‘s Izzy makes a big decision on Monday 24th June. She tells Tina that she isn’t going to fight her for custody of the baby anymore.

Izzy makes her decision after she and Tina receive notification of their first court appearance and the situation begins to take its toll on both women.

Meanwhile, Tina starts to have doubts over her decision to keep baby ‘Joe’ when Tommy asks her to consider how he will feel when he grows up and finds out that she kept him away from his biological parents.

As Izzy says a heart-rending goodbye to her son a distraught Gary feels helpless – but will Tina have a change of heart?


It’s touch-and-go for Emmerdale‘s Belle when the teenager ends up in hospital after downing some of Debbie’s dodgy vodka.

In scenes to be aired on Tuesday 25th June a frustrated Belle helps herself to some of Debbie’s vodka stash as she continues to struggle with the fact her boyfriend Sean slept with her best friend Gemma.

When Debbie finds Belle in a state she tells her to go back to her place to sober up, however when Debbie later goes home to check on Belle she is shocked to find the teenager unconscious.

As a frantic Debbie calls for an ambulance, Sarah goes to look for help and soon returns with Cameron who notices that the nearby vodka bottle is one of Debbie’s.

Belle is rushed to hospital but the situation is bleak and the Dingles are told she could have brain damage as the vodka was contaminated.

Cameron decides not to drop Debbie in it but Robbie has other ideas and soon lets the Dingles know who is responsible. Has Debbie burnt all her bridges?

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  1. Tina and Izzy are both being selfish I lost sympathy for Izzy when she stopped Gary seeing his own son who was ill at the time. Tina has been a complete cow who shouldn’t have agreed to surrogate without thinking it through.

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