Infamous Julian of UTV Continuity Granada’s spin machine may have you think regional ITV no longer works, which is poppycock as we all know. Its just more profitable to be a single company, but there is a place where viewers still come before shareholders.

Yes that place is in ITV Northern Ireland land where thankfully UTV prove local can rate by being one of the most popular regional broadcasters in the UK. Share with us then the highlight of UTV, the bastion of broadcasting that is Julian Simmons and the joyful way he deals with the unexpected.

In this clip we see Julian go to air slightly earlier than expected, but the man handles it like the professional he is. It’s what is, we feel, lacking from ITV in England and Wales – personality presentation. After all can you name one single continuity announcer who works for ITV these days? No, neither can we.

Julian Simmons… legend.

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