Emmerdale producer pays tribute to late Richard Thorp

Emmerdale producer Kate Oates says the show will look at paying tribute to Richard and his character Alan Turner later in year.

Alan Tuner in the Woolpack

Richard Thorp, Emmerdale’s longest serving cast member, died at the age of 81 last month. The episode which aired on 5th June was dedicated to Thorp as it featured his final scenes.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Kate Oates says: “[October or November] will be the time that we pay tribute to Richard and the character of Alan on screen.”

There is speculation that a number of characters could return to Emmerdale to pay their respects. Oates says that the show has no plans “at the moment” to bring anyone back.

“The main thing is that we do pay tribute to Richard. There’s been a really beautiful response from everyone since he passed away, with lots of stories and fond memories being shared in the green room.”

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.00pm (+8.00pm on Thursdays) on ITV

Below is a extended ATV Today video tribute to Richard, who talks about his film and television career:

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