CBB - Ryan gets a 'dog food' gungingHeidi and Spencer get the chance to grill one of their Housemates with a series of questions…. and give them a messy surprise!Heidi and Spencer were told that they can choose one Housemate to be questioned by Big Brother in the Diary Room and that they can select what questions they are asked. The pair have chosen Lacey.

Big Brother gave them some time to come up with some questions and then called Lacey to the Diary Room. Lacey was told that viewers have selected them to answer some questions. However, the “viewers” in question are Heidi and Spencer.

Big Brother has also supplied Heidi and Spencer with a detonator. At the end of the Diary Room interview, they can press the button and drop a load of dog food onto the head of the Housemate in the Diary Room.

The questions they chose to ask were, 1) Which Housemate do you most like?, 2) Which Housemate do you like the least?, 3) What did you really think about the Housemates who have left:Paula, Heidi and Spencer?, 4) Who is the fakest Housemate? and 5) Which Housemate deserves to go home the most?

They first chose to question Lacey. However, while watching her answer the questions the self-obsessed pair decided not to dump dog food on her.

They then chose to interrogate Tricia instead. Again, they decided not to drop the dog food.

Before selecting Ryan as their final Housemate to interview, they asked Big Brother to add another question: If you could bring back Heidi & Spencer or Paula, who would you choose and why??
This time they pushed the drop button and covered Neighbours actor Ryan in nasty doggy dinner.

Celebrity Big Brother, Nightly on Channel 5

[Reporter: Martha Kirkpatrick]

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