Corrie’s Paula Lane nervous over birth scenes

Chris Stacey: Soap Monthly

Coronation Street star Paula Lane has admitted she is nervous about her future birth scenes in the soap.

The actress’s character Kylie Platt is currently expecting but is unsure of the paternity of her baby having cheated on husband David (Jack P. Shepherd) with his brother Nick (Ben Price).

“I’m really excited about the birthing scene, but I’m also really nervous.” she told The Sun, “Luckily my mum’s a midwife so I’m going to sit down with her and the script when it eventually arrives and take her advice about which bit will be the most painful.”

“The writing will tell me how to play it – Kylie is strong and a fighter. But that depends what circumstances they have it under. Not many people on soaps give birth in a hospital!”

There’s a potentially rocky road ahead for Kylie and David who has recently rumbled her infidelity – something only viewers are aware of at the moment as in the immediate future David decides to keep tight-lipped about his discovery.

Praising the relationship, Lane said: “I don’t think the audience expected Kylie and David’s marriage to last and I’m glad it has.

“I love them together. I could see it work with Nick but everything works with Kylie and David. They look right and it fits so well.”

Kylie is due to give birth in September.

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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