Last week ITV finally unveiled its new-look image after a few months of speculation as we originally reported back in August. But what have the viewers been saying about the revamp?

Above: ITV logo parade. Over the years Independent Television has branded itself with a fair few logos.

Last week ITV, which operates all the ‘regional stations’ in England, Wales and the Channel Islands, gave us all a sneak peek of their latest brand identity to be seen across ITV plc, ITV Network, and ITV’s content and distribution businesses, domestic and international, from January 2013.

The brand development work is linked to ITV’s Transformation plan, and has been led by primarily by Group Director of Marketing and Research Rufus Radcliffe

Radcliffe said, “In an ever more crowed market place, both domestically and internationally, the need for a modern, flexible brand identity that connects with our viewers and customers has never been more important.” He continued, “We are really excited to soon be unveiling a new identity that is as up-to-date, and relevant as our content. Big, bold and creatively ambitious, it will be true to our DNA as a brand at the heart of popular culture.”

Above: The much-mocked ‘boob’ logo of ITV, which reminds us here of the old ‘W’ of Woolworth logo.

The lowercase curvy ‘ITV’ is according to the broadcaster ‘a warm, bold design based on a formalised version of human handwriting, comprising of five colours, in its static state.’

They added that when it appears on coloured background, such as marketing images for ITV programmes – it will adapt and change according to the background colour scheme of the image. The change also sees ITV1 revert to the ITV brand only as the main channel of the family. The new-look launches in January.

ATV Today telly critic Queenie says,  “Look to Channel 4 or the BBC blocks, similar throughout their entire life with the odd tweak. The problem with ITV is they change their logo more often than I change my bra.” She added, “Flexible is fine, but when it looks utterly forgettable, then you have a problem. One ITV has had since 2003.

“I do agree that the new logo is in line with a lot of ITVplc’s idea of easy-money making programme content… cheap crap.”

The logo has been met with mixed comments, most leaning on the negative as The Mirror reported last week with a headline stating the ITV revamp had been ‘ridiculed on Twitter’

The paper noted the design had been described as “super disgusting” with many suggesting a nursery school class had designed it.

This is either the most complicated product you can buy at Ann Summers OR it’s the new ITV logo. Can’t decide which.” Said WelshDalaiLama on Twitter as reported in the tabloid with TheMediaTweets adding “Leading opinions on ITV logo: 1) It looks like a bum 2) Looks like a kid did it 3) It’s still better than London2012.”

mikeshaw101 wrote: “The new ITV logo looks like something a local charity would use after Debbie in marketing goes on a half-day photoshop course.”

The Daily Mail, keeping with their royal obsession (although they didn’t manage a Princess Di comment within), noted someone who isn’t The Queen tweeted ‘Elizabeth Windsor ‏@Queen_UK: ‘Mr Clegg on the phone. Delighted that ITV have adopted the logo he designed for them on his etch-a-sketch.’

The paper also noted others on Twitter called it ‘dreadful’ and an ‘epic fail’.

And on Facebook it doesn’t get much better…

“Made in a nursery no doubt” Said Stephen Foster a member of an ITV fan-group, while Martin Lowrie added, “It looks like someone has gone down to their shed and found some partly used tins of paint and daubed them on the redesigned logo!”

Darren McAndrew agreed, “All of a sudden I actually rather like the current idents…Yet another failure, we should never have expected any more from them…” and “I think this is what happens when you get pissed and throw paint at a canvas while urinating all over the place” Said Phil Woodiwiss.

“For me this rebrand is a great disappointment and a opportunity missed, it lacks that iconic edge enjoyed by Channel 4 and not destined to be a classic, I much prefer the current ITV1 ident.” Said Terry Harris while “Looks like a w with a tail.” Added Mark Frazer.

While on presentation site TV Forum there were some positive comments, “That doesn’t look that bad. Was expecting much worse.” said Pad, “Doesn’t look that special as a static but the proof will be when it’s on screen.” Added Rijowhite with Joshua noting “Its commercial TV friendly, its quirky, vibrant, modern, everything ITV is trying to be in my opinion. It feels alive. Much more character than the current ITV logo.”

“This logo makes it less likely I will ever start watching ITV again. Looks like a girly cupcake store logo, and besides, the main problem with the network is that all the programming is ****, total and utter fecal matter.” Said MDTAUK, “It’s definitely distinctive. Less generic and stuffy than the current logo.  Not entirely convinced yet though. It depends on how they implement it on-screen across the channels.” Said Ant.

“I agree ITV’s programmes leave much to be desired, however, a logo does not make a channel.” Noted SomeRandomStuff with XWing stating “I’m a fan of abstract logo’s, but my first impressions (remember, first impressions) are that it’s almost a sign of ITV’s lack of progress from it’s current mess. Any TV network would have a hard job at matching the effort put into the BBC and Channel 4’s corporate logo’s, but this just seems like another logo destined for the scrapheap in less than a decade.”

Stedixon said, “From the pics so far, nope I’ll pass. It just for me doesn’t work all joined up. The first I looks like a U for a start. Could definitely be better and I feel underwhelmed by it. Was expecting better and something more radical.” And Malpas concludes “I’m undecided, to be honest. I’m not really sure on the logo, looks a bit too cutesy for me and I question whether it’ll fit ITV News particularly well. I haven’t seen the whole package yet though, so I’ll reserve judgment ’til then.”

Above: Days Gone: A selection of Regional ITV stations.

From 1955 until 2002 ITV operated as a regional network, with each area competing for broadcast slots thus ensuring often a higher quality of output making it onto screens. With the advent of more channels and less ratings ITV regions eventually merged and local programming was cut to save money. While ITVplc stated that regional programmes were uneconomical (only to the share holders) UTV continues to prove that if decent local content is aired viewers will still watch. The none-ITVplc owned region for Northern Ireland is one of the most watched regional services in the UK.

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