Big Brother 2013 - Sallie

Glamour model Sallie Axl has become the first housemate to be evicted from Big Brother Secrets & Lies.

Sallie was initially nominated to face the public vote alongside fellow housemates Gina Rio and Dexter Koh by ‘People’s Puppet’ Michael, however the trio were unaware that Michael’s nominations were actually made by the public.

Dexter was later saved from the public vote in a further twist  involving Michael, leaving Gina and Sallie to battle it out in tonight’s eviction.

Housemates responded with surprise as host Emma Willis made the announcement. Sallie left the house to a chorus of boos – as she sat down to be interviewed by Willis, Sallie said she was not expecting to be the first housemate voted out of the series as Gina had been quieter.

Probed about her argumentative nature while in the house, Sallie insisted she doesn’t like “fake people” and went into the house to cause a bit of trouble.

Asked about her fight with Gina, Sallie described Gina as “lovely” and admitted she judged Gina wrong in the beginning.

Sallie then went on to slate Dexter describing him as “manipulative”.

After being jeered by the crowd Sallie shouted “shut the f**k up, you’ve waited since 4 this afternoon to be here – get a grip!”

Sallie agreed with Willis that her hard image is a “defence mechanism”.

Sallie named Wolfy as her favourite housemate – the pair had developed a close friendship during their time together in the house.

The interview concluded with Sallie saying she had learnt not to “judge other people straight away”.

Big Brother Secrets & Lies, nightly Channel 5

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