EastEnders fire drama for Shirley, Jean and Bianca

Shirley, Jean and Bianca get caught up in a dangerous situation in a forthcoming EastEnders episode when they sneak into Ian’s restaurant after closing and end up starting a fire.


The incident happens after Jean (Gillian Wright) walks out on her job as chef at the restaurant when Ian (Adam Woodyatt) throws some nasty insults her way. Bianca (Patsy Palmer) and Shirley (Linda Henry) try to cheer her up and when Jean reveals that she has left her bag at the restaurant, Shirley hatches a plan.

The trio sneak into the restaurant after closing in a bid to retrieve Jean’s bag, however it’s not long before Bianca and Shirley are tempted by the free wine on offer and Shirley lights lots of candles so that no one will notice them being there.

Jean tries to stop Shirley opening Ian’s special bottle of brandy but when Shirley explains he doesn’t deserve it or the success after he covered for Ben, Jean gives in. Whilst opening the bottle, Shirley accidentally smashes it and the alcohol is soon ignited by a naked flame.

The fire spreads across the floor leaving the women terrified.



This episode airs on Thursday 4th July at 7.30pm on BBC One

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