Big Brother 2013 - Gina

Big Brother’s lady of leisure Gina Rio expressed disdain for her fellow housemates in the diary room last night upon discovering she had been nominated to face eviction.

On Sunday housemates nominated for the first time this series with Dexter, Gina and Jemima emerging as the trio with the most votes. Dexter received 10 votes, Gina 8 and Jemima 5 and as a result they will all face the public vote to evict this week.

Viewers saw the nominations revealed to the house in a live segment during last night’s highlight’s show.

Gina initially appeared to take the news well, however later made her feelings clear in the diary room after several other housemates had earlier told her they were confident she would not be nominated this week.

Well, just found out that I’ve been nominated. But knowing that eight people. Who do you think you are? Seriously!

Like all pretence to my face and ‘your not going to go this week and I’m sure no one will really nominate you because you’re well liked in the group now and you’ve really really come out of your shell and everyone thinks you’re really really funny and everyone actually really likes you.’ F**k yourselves!

Seriously, you don’t pay my bills! I don’t owe you anything! I feel like they all played me. I’ve actually given these people my time of day; I’ve actually made EFFORT with these strangers.

I gradually try and like them and then this. Eight people so I’m confused and I’m like what bitches. I’ve never done anything to anyone in this house. I’ve been nothing but nice to them or try with them. – Gina

Meanwhile, celebrity publicist Dexter seemed to take the news in his stride, having previously speculated that he would be one of the housemates up this week.

Jemima appeared confident over her chances – a clip shown on spin-off programme Big Brother’s Bit On The Side showed the self-confessed gold digger stating “I won’t be going on Friday”.

On Wednesday the housemate with the least votes to evict will be saved from the vote on Friday.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5.

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