Thank you Fern Britton, many regards Ainsley Harriot, but now there’s a new name in charge of the red and green peppers, Rylan!

Ready Steady Cook is back in a revamped format, featuring Rylan Clark-Neal as host, alongside exciting talent from the culinary world – Mike Reid, Romy Gill, Akis Petretzikis, Ellis Barrie and Anna Haugh.

The new show reflects contemporary food themes, from cooking on a budget to eating healthily, managing food waste and feeding the whole family – mirroring the changes in food and British cooking over the past decade.

In every episode two contestants are each paired with a chef, going head to head in the newly designed Ready Steady Cook kitchen. But in this new series, the chefs face two different taste tests and the clock is always ticking!

In the first challenge, each contestant is armed with their bag of ingredients, all bought within a range of prices from £3.50 to £10. They have just 20 minutes to create delicious, surprising and inspiring dishes ready to wow the discerning studio audience.

There are further twists along the way including wildcard ingredients. The revamped second challenge is even faster, as each pair has just 10 minutes to create yet more amazing dishes, this time based on audience ingredients cards.

With unlikely combinations always a possibility, the pressure is on to create yet more flavour sensations. And in true Ready Steady tradition the casting vote on the show’s winner is left to the audience, who have their say on the best dishes by voting with the iconic red tomato and green pepper voting cards.

In episode one Rylan unveils a brand-new kitchen and introduces us to chefs: award-winning Anna Haugh and globe-trotting Mike Reid.

They are joined in the kitchen by today’s contestants, Gemma and Brian from Falkirk. Brian does all the cooking at home and describes Gemma as a terrible cook. As they battle it out in the Green Pepper and Red Tomato kitchens, can our chefs teach this couple a few new tricks and help Gemma expand her repertoire from beans on toast with cheese on top?

Ready Steady Cook, episode one, 4.30pm on BBC One

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