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Channel 4’s All 4 and the beeb’s BBC iPlayer are bringing a new run of ‘mini programmes’ to viewers.

This Valentine’s Day the BBC iPlayer is to host a series of ‘Funny Valentines’ comedy shorts featuring talent including Suranne Jones, Stephen Mangan, Adil Ray and Harry Hill. The new shorts follow the success of BBC iPlayer’s 2015 Funny Valentines.

Launching on the 7th of February at 9pm, the iPlayer will bring to viewers, shows such as Substitute. Written and directed by Rhys Thomas (Brian Pern), Substitute tells the story of Carly (Suranne Jones) and Zach (Stephen Mangan), whose life is turned upside down on Valentine’s Day by the arrival of a hapless online grocery delivery man.

In Harry Hill’s Look At Love comedian Hill takes us through love and romance. Also, what happens when Eros’ arrow strikes, the dance of love and how marriage – and babies – ripen. With his international team of experts, Harry Hill prises open the safety deposit box of love and peers in. While in Darling Rafi star of Citizen Khan Adil Ray introduces his new character Rafi, a 30-something year-old reluctant carer who endures the loud mouthed curmudgeon Bert (Ted Robbins) and the overbearing interference of his well-meaning mother Mary (Harvey Virdi). It is Valentine’s Day and Rafi is forced to role-play the perfect date scenario with this unlikely pair – and inevitably it doesn’t go to plan.

BBC iPlayer

Over on Channel 4’s All 4, the broadcaster is bringing some mini programmes, for – as they say – when you only have time for a five minute fix.

Naked & Invisible will debut on February 5th. Body painting world champion Carolyn Roper camouflages naked people in some very public places. Hearing why the models wanted to let her do it provokes thought about body confidence. And seeing them surprise unsuspecting passers-by is a blast. On February 12th Rappers take the opposing roles from real-life disputes and battle it out in Real Life Battle Raps. With surprised members of the public looking on we join cyclist vs driver, bouncer vs clubber, traffic warden vs motorist – we’ve all seen it happen, but never like this. Made by the UK’s top Rap Battle League, Don’t Flop.

The Bizarre Fetish Handbook, from February 19th, follows hot on the high heels of Volume 1, these new films will broaden your sexual horizons even further. Maggots, urine, daggers… there’s something for everyone in Volume 2, as @ChloeCrossX goes in search of erotic understanding and pleasure.

The world of the Urban Explorers is featured from the 26th of February. These men and women Climb iconic – and extremely tall – buildings, off limits and under the radar, with the UK’s new breed of urban explorers. This series takes up where James Kingston left off in Don’t Look Down. Each episode follows a heart-stopping ascent, and delves into what makes these young people pursue such a terrifying passion.

Oh Shit I’m 30 also debuts on February 26th. Single, no career path, living on her overdraft… Emily Hartridge has just turned 30. In each episode, she meets someone who’s overcome a similar ‘quarter-life crisis’, and gives their solution a try. To home in who she really is, Emily tackles love, family, money, career, personal growth and health.

Channel 4

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