Jean’s date in EastEnders, Sally and Eileen Clash in Corrie, Gennie suspicious in Emmerdale


Romance is in the air for EastEnders‘ Jean Slater in a forthcoming episode.

Jean has recently caught the eye of fellow gardening enthusiast Ollie after landing her own allotment.

With the pair due to go on a date, Jean feels apprehensive, until Kat reassures her that she will have a good time.

Although Jean and Ollie’s date does get off to a good start, the atmosphere changes when Ollie mentions that he’s a policeman.

Jean’s thoughts immediately turn up to the recent trouble at Ian’s restaurant, leaving her feeling tense. However, Ollie tells Jean that he doesn’t care what she’s done and sweetly ends their date with a kiss.


This episode airs on Monday 22nd July at 8.00pm on BBC One.


The race row in Coronation Street continues to escalate next week.

As Paul prepares to face the music at work over his run-in with a hoax caller, he’s pushed over the edge when Sophie makes a dig at him over recent goings-on.

Paul berates Sophie in the Street, however the exchange is witnessed by a furious Sally.

Tempers flare in the Rovers when Eileen defends Paul to Sally and Sophie, and it’s left to Tim and Paul to separate Sally and Eileen.


This episode airs on Wednesday 24th July at 7.30pm on ITV1.


Emmerdale‘s Gennie Walker is left gobsmacked when she overhears Cameron make a confession to Debbie in a forthcoming episode.

Gennie starts to become suspicious of Cameron and Debbie after witnessing a number of exchanges between the pair.

In a bid to convince Chas that there is something going on, Gennie decides to obtain proof and slips into Debbie’s house with a Dictaphone.

When Cameron and Debbie arrive, Gennie hides and switches on the Dictaphone, recording every word they say.

Gennie’s jaw drops as Cameron makes a confession to an equally shocked and frightened Debbie…


This episode airs on Wednesday 24th July at 7.00pm on ITV1

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