Research reveals ‘Bad Hair Day’ affects women’s confidence

84% of UK women have experienced a bad hair day.

From the severely windswept to the unwashed and unruly, bad hair days are having a significant impact on our day to day, and beyond.

“From greasy roots to unwashed and unruly locks, a bad hair day can often determine the kind of day we’re going to have.” – Aaron Carlo, Lead Stylist for TRESemmé

84% of British women have experienced a bad hair day, with over a third avoiding being in photographs, cancelling plans with friends (11%), or even dipping out on a date (6%) as a result. What’s more, an overwhelming 51% have said they felt self-conscious because of a bad hair day and for 1 in 5 (20%) it even leaves them feeling anxious.

The research, commissioned by TRESemmé haircare brand, found that 1 in 8 women have been late to work because of a bad hair day, with a further 12% left feeling distracted by their unruly locks.

For British women, today, looking after family (30%) and work commitments (22%) is getting in the way of their self-care. Whether it be running out of time or simply not having the energy to style their hair the way they would like to, some women resort to putting baby powder in the roots (12%) or hiding under a hat (22%), while more than three quarters (39%) opt for dry shampoo as a quick solution to a potentially bad hair day.

On Friday 13th March, from 7:00am until 7:00pm, busy commuters in Kings Cross will be able to stop in at the TRESemmé Day 2 Mobile Refresh Salon to revive their hair with a complimentary 15-minute dry style, featuring products from the newly launched Day 2 Refresh & Revive range from TRESemmé. Walk ins welcome but to secure your spot, head to design my night. Book here.

With 56% of British women choosing to wash their hair every other day, the hair care brand has also introduced a new range featuring six products designed for all hair types on in between wash days.

“With so many of us juggling work, social commitments, family and more, a quick and effective hair care range for those days in between when we wash our hair can be a saviour. From backseat touch ups to pre-date spritzes, the new Day 2 range is formulated to help more Brits get on with their days wherever it may take them.” – Aaron Carlo, Lead Stylist for TRESemmé

 TRESemmé Day 2 range is available exclusively in Boots nationwide.

Soap opera has from time-to-time reflected the bad-hair days for many of its characters – both male and female, with Lofty in EastEnders suffering a bad-dye day when his hair was turned green by Michelle, the same fate befell Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street at the hands of Audrey Roberts, and again her salon later left Vera Duckworth with an unwanted purple look. Some have also been deliberate acts of hair vandalism; such as Chrissie cutting off all Kate’s hair in EastEnders when she found out about her affair with Den and, likewise, Tracey gave Sarah-Jane a tragic make-over in Crossroads when she discovered they both had been sharing her husband Jake’s time.

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