Telly Today Choice for Tuesday, March 10th

The Trip to Greece continues tonight on Sky One.

Series four goes on with a visit from Pelion to Athens in this third episode of the run. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are back on their travels.

Steve’s sleep is disturbed by a dream in which he sees himself as Aeneas, hero of the Roman epic poem The Aeneid, and faces losing his lover –represented by his ex-wife Katherine –in order to save the lives of his father and son.

They follow this with lunch at the Michael-starred Varoulko Seaside seafood restaurant on the Mikrolimano marina in Piraeus, Athens. Over many courses, the pair discuss famous Athenian battles, the origin of the word marathon and the correct way to resuscitate a heart attack victim.

The Trip to Greece, 10pm on Sky One

Also tonight…

This week Alan and the team create a cleverly designed family garden that’s full of fun for pre-school tots without being a primary-coloured plastic eyesore for the grownups who share it in Love Your Garden on ITV.

The team give tips on creating a mini-maze, creative sandpits and how to use plants to give an adventurous exotic flavour to the play areas in your garden.

Love Your Garden, ITV, STV and UTV at 8pm

A hectic day sees Cameron (Nic Jackman) seize his chance to impress – but is he up to it? Elsewhere in Holby City on BBC One, Suspicious Xavier (Marcus Griffiths) unearths a shocking secret – but will he explode the truth? Are Cameron’s days numbered?

Reeling from recent revelations, Sacha (Bob Barrett), Essie (Kaye Wragg), Dom (David Ames) and Ben (Charlie Condou) face a life-saving surgery with a vulnerable child. Can Essie bring the team together or will the web of betrayals prove fatal? Stressed by budget cuts, staffing shortages and an inflexible Max (Jo Martin), worried Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) begins to panic that Holby is heading for disaster. But is it Fletch himself who is at breaking point?

Holby City, BBC One at 8pm (shown later on BBC One Scotland)

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