Channel 4 to air Coronavirus news special

Tomorrow evening Channel 4 are to broadcast a Channel 4 News special looking at the facts behind Coronavirus.

In a Channel 4 News special, Matt Frei speaks to some of the leading healthcare and virology experts, including those on the frontline, to answer the question: are we doing enough?

As the Coronavirus becomes a global pandemic, the show tackles the big questions head-on and examines how the NHS will cope. What are the lessons from the countries already in lock-down; and should we be acting quicker to stop things from spiralling out of control?

The advice from the NHS is for anyone suffering with a high temperature or a new persistent cough to remain ‘self isolated’ for seven days at home. In an attempt to stem the spreading the organisation has also advised those who fear they may have the illness to not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital and instead inform the 111 medical line.

However not everyone is flocking to fill their homes with loo rolls and pasta as some research shows people are willing, for cash, to help find a cure for the viral infection.

With scientists in London reportedly paying £3,500 to volunteers willing to be infected as part of experiments to develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus, surveyed 2,148 Brits to see how many would be willing to participate in such experiments and why.

Overall, a whopping 78% of respondents would be willing to become infected with the virus as part of an experiment. Respondents were also asked what the motives behind their decision were. Only 12% said they would participate in such experiments primarily to help develop a vaccine. 68% said their primary motivation would be the financial pay-out.

The regular edition of Channel 4 News broadcasts as usual at 7pm.

Channel 4 News Coronavirus Special, Channel 4 at 8pm on Friday 13th March.

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