BBC Arts launch virtual Culture In Quarantine season

Culture In Quarantine will bring online and programming content to the BBC.

“It’s important during this period that we maintain access not just to news and information, but to the arts and culture. For many people they are a valuable part of their lives and a way of stimulating imagination, thought, and escapism. It’s a vital part of who we are as individuals and part of our identity as a nation.” – BBC Director-General Tony Hall

Beginning this month, Culture In Quarantine across television, radio and online, will give the nation access to the arts at a time when we need it the most. Providing extraordinary access to shuttered exhibitions, performances and museums, a virtual book festival and much more besides. The Beeb state that their mission is to increase access to the arts, at a time when the buildings that support them are closed, and to support artists and arts organisations in the process.

Audiences will get extraordinary access to shuttered exhibitions and closed museums in a four part series, Museum In Quarantine.

There will also be a repertory theatre service across platforms, with productions from the best of the BBC and the UK dance and theatre scene’s recent output; including a brand new play by David Greig on Radio 3 and new work from the Balletboyz on BBC Four, alongside six classical Shakespeares with the RSC as part of an education initiative for BBC Four, featuring stars like Christopher Eccleston and Hugh Quarshie, and with educational tools online for children learning these plays on the school syllabus.

Also playing the part of presenter and chief engineer, Mary Beard will host the new series of Front Row Late on BBC Two from her study.

As of today, BBC Arts Digital has been re-purposed as a platform where the UK Creative industries can come together to share content and ideas. There will also be brand new blog with regular updates from the curator and director of all BBC Arts content, Jonty Claypole, to guide audiences around the newest discoveries as part of Culture in Quarantine. The content can be found at BBC Arts.

“I’m delighted that we have been able to work with organisations up and down the country to deliver everything from virtual access to exhibitions and book festivals, through to performances. There is something for everyone. By working together, we can still have a vibrant period of culture to brighten our lives.” – BBC Director-General Tony Hall

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3 Replies to “BBC Arts launch virtual Culture In Quarantine season”

  1. Yes BBC arts could put Quarantine season how about Survivors from the Seventies that will scare people during the Coronavirus Pandemic as its really happened as people are dying and are there enough Greg Preston’s to lead us if Coronavirus mutates and kills millions and who then will be the Survivors?

  2. Why do you think Survivors couldnt become Reality its happening! As Terry Nation said to me back in the Seventies when he created Survivors, one day Survivors could become Reality where l will be dead and gone but God help us if it does! Well Terry Nation is dead and the Nightmare of a Pandemic Virus has become real just as Terry said so if it becomes like Survivors where 95 % of the worlds population is wiped out and there’s no more TV, computers, Broadband, Electricity or anything so could you live like that as a Survivor in a Doomed World its something that’s hard to contemplate now Survivors has become Real!

  3. Do you realise this is really happening its not a dream as Survivors is Reality you have no choice as the virus kills millions of people it will destroy the world and everything you ever had! It doesn’t care who it kills its añ invisible enemy it can be stopped and it will destroy everyone in its path I hope you can handle it like I did we can’t go back we are doomed to this Nightmare but I will try to help you if I can!
    Mr Greg Preston

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