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Meghan and Harry need a new nanny in The Windsors


Meghan and Harry need a new nanny in The Windsors

It’s the last episode of The Windsors this evening on Channel 4.

Concluding the third series of the satirical comedy soap opera about the royal family US President Donald Trump (Corey Johnson) asks Charles (Harry Enfield) and Camilla (Haydn Gwynne) to be King and Queen of America.

Charles is delighted – he’s fed up with waiting to be King of England – but Wills (Hugh Skinner) thinks something fishy is going on.

Meanwhile, Harry (Tom Durant-Pritchard) and Meghan (Kathryn Drysdale) need a new nanny. Harry has hired Pippa (Morgana Robinson), but are her reasons for wanting the job genuine? Meghan is giving a speech at the UN and takes Pippa’s advice to speak in Mandarin.

Back in England, Beatrice (Ellie White) is planning her wedding. She’s gutted when she realises that her dad, Prince Andrew (Tim Wallers), won’t be able to walk her down the aisle if she has a big wedding, given all the recent ‘unpleasantness’, leaving Fergie (Katy Wix) desperate to step in…

The Windsors, Channel 4 at 10:15pm

Max (Jo Martin) is feeling a sense of nervous anticipation: today is the day she’s meeting up with her estranged daughter, all while juggling her work responsibilities. Ric (Hugh Quarshie) and Ange (Dawn Steele) worry about the fact that Max is trying to achieve too much and that her patient might be sidelined. Meeting up in a park, Max is poleaxed at first sight of her child.

Band Five ED nurse David Hide (Jason Durr) is recruited on Darwin to assist, but as Jac (Rosie Marcel) keeps reiterating to Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) it’s a specialised nursing role, and she questions whether David has the relevant specialism: to her he’s a glorified paramedic. Kian (Ramin Karimloo) tries in vain to support David by encouraging him to relax, which ultimately makes him even more frustrated and baffled.

Essie (Kaye Wragg) remains tense as she waits for her CT scan to see if her cancer has returned. Sacha (Bob Barratt) stays positive, buoyed by the fact that privately, he’s decided that he wants to propose to Essie. He lets Dom (David Ames) in on the idea but swears him to secrecy. Essie and Dom eventually make up after Dom’s illicit kiss with Ben (Charlie Condou), but bad news is on the horizon.

Holby City, BBC One England, Wales and NI at 8pm; shown later tonight on BBC One Scotland.

Fueled by his love for wine, Elijah enrolls in a course to become a master sommelier, an elite designation given only to a handful who are able to pass its notoriously difficult exam.

It’s a dream that upends the expectations of his father, Louis (Courtney B. Vance), who insists Elijah take over the popular Memphis barbecue joint that’s been passed down from father to son since its inception. Elijah struggles with the demands of school and a new relationship, while Louis wrestles with the feelings of his son rejecting the family business until a tragedy forces both of them to slow things down.

Uncorked, now streaming on Netflix

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