Enders Whitney sleeps with Joey, Corrie David revenge intensifies, Dales Debbie and Cameron


Troubled Whitney Dean spends the night with Joey Branning in a forthcoming episode of EastEnders.

Whitney’s world is rocked when she receives a letter from Tony King – her stepfather who was sent to prison for sexually abusing her as a child.

The letter triggers unhappy memories for Whitney but when she attempts to confide in fiancé Tyler Moon, she doesn’t get the response she had hoped and in the midst of a row calls off their engagement.

At the club Whitney starts flirting with Joey and it’s not long before she falls into bed with him.


This episode airs on Monday 29th July at 8.00pm on BBC One.


Scheming David Platt’s secret revenge plot against brother Nick is about to intensify in Coronation Street.

Nick is rattled when someone reports him to trading standards, who reveal that provisional tests on the spirits at the bistro suggest they may have been watered down.

Nick believes that someone has a vendetta against him and his finger of suspicion is pointing firmly in Peter’s direction – unaware that the real culprit is his own brother.

Leanne doesn’t believe Nick’s theory and David uses her doubts to his advantage, inflaming the tension between the pair.

Later, Nick is informed he will have to go to court about his under-strength spirits, but there’s a bigger bombshell in store for Leanne who receives a letter asking if she knows what her husband was up to on Christmas night.

Leanne confronts Nick, wondering if something he did on Christmas night could be behind the vendetta – will a terrified Nick confess all?


This episode airs on Friday 2nd August at 7.30pm on ITV1.


Debbie Dingle and Cameron Murray are left with some explaining to do in upcoming Emmerdale scenes.

Debbie recently began sleeping with Cameron again, despite the fact he broke her heart.

With Charity worried about Debbie, she begs Cain to reach out to their daughter. Cain is reluctant to get involved but when Moira supports Charity in her plea, he has a change of heart.

Meanwhile, Cameron has paid Debbie a visit and the pair soon find themselves in an embrace.

When Cain and Charity arrive, Debbie and Cameron immediately spring apart. How will they explain this?


This episode airs on Tuesday 30th July at 7.00pm on ITV.

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