Emmerdale character to be framed for murder

Emmerdale, Adam ThomasEmmerdale‘s Adam Barton (Adam Thomas) will be framed for the murder of Alex Moss (Kurtis Stacey), in a new storyline twist.

SoapSquawk reports that Adam is left stunned when the police question him after finding Alex’s remains.

Viewers know that Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) killed Alex last Christmas after he uncovered the truth behind Carl’s (Tom Lister) murder.

Since then the village’s residents have believed Alex ran away after stealing from Edna.

When Alex’s true fate is revealed, Cameron will place Adam in the frame for the horrific crime.

Adam gets set up for Alex’s murder! It comes about because Alex’s body is found, Cameron gets scared and basically points the police in the direction of Adam.

Adam’s past – trying to kill Cain and the hit and run – nobody thinks he’s innocent. They think Adam did it because Alex slept with Moira, Cameron uses that bit of information to his advantage.

Cameron also plants evidence to make it look like he’s guilty. Weirdly, the only person who believes he’s innocent is Cain. – Adam Thomas

The actor adds that he doesn’t know how things will pan out for his character but he will be in “serious trouble” as the storyline unfolds.

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