Emmerdale murder scenes defended by producer

Emmerdale, Yorkshire TVEmmerdale Series Producer Kate Oates has defended last night’s evocative instalment of the ITV soap which featured the murder of a popular character.

Viewers saw Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) and secret lover Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) pursue Gennie Sharma (Sian Reese-Williams) in a high speed car chase, after realising she had overheard Cameron’s confession to killing Carl King.

Inexperienced driver Gennie lost control of her car which hurtled down a ravine, and while Debbie went to call for help Cameron took the opportunity to silence Gennie for good by suffocating her.

Oates defended the storyline to Radio Times insisting that plots for the show go through a compliance process and are discussed thoroughly prior to airing.

We’re very careful. From story stage through all the scripts, we’re very aware of what we can and can’t show.

Everything goes through the compliance system and it’s all discussed very thoroughly. We’re happy to stand by what we’ve put out there and hope that it does hit the right balance.

You can’t show a murder and play it properly dramatically without showing some things that are perhaps quite close to the edge. – Oates

Gennie is Cameron’s third victim – after killing Carl (Tom Lister) in last October’s 40th anniversary live special, he then murdered Alex Moss (Kurtis Stacey) at Christmas after Alex realised he was responsible for Carl’s murder.

I think it’s brilliant that you have that moment when Cameron looks away and that single tear falls down his face and then you cut away to that long shot.

Of course, you do see that moment when Gennie’s life goes, which is very strong. But we did think very carefully about how we cut the episodes.

A lot of it focuses on reaction rather than the gory moments because it would be irresponsible to show too much of that at that time of night. Often what you don’t see is more powerful. – Oates

Last night’s dramatic double bill of Emmerdale proved a ratings hit for ITV1 with 6.03m (35.3%) tuning in for the first episode airing between 7.00pm and 7.30pm, and 6.39m (32.9%) tuning in for the second episode of the evening which aired between 8.00pm and 8.30pm. Both episodes topped EastEnders which drew 5.69m (30.9%) to BBC One between 7.30pm and 8.00pm.

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  1. It,s about time that all these murderers in Emmerdale are caught. You are brainwashing people to believe it is alright to commit murder and to get away with it.

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