All-My-Children-2013-logoThe OnLine Network has revealed the first season finale dates for its revived daytime soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live.

Fans of the former ABC soaps may have withdrawal symptoms very soon as both All My Children and One Life to Live will conclude there first seasons within the next few weeks.

Prospect Park’s successful revival of the two Agnes Nixon serials has proven that there’s still an appetite for the daytime soap genre and the ABC’s double cancellation was premature.

One Life to Live’s first season with The OnLine Network will conclude on Monday 19th August. All My Children will reach its first season finale on Monday 2nd September. In a statement Prospect Park’s co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz said “We could not be more proud to have delivered a stunning season of ‘All My Children’ and One Life to Live,’ and really thank the creative teams and cast for being true partners in this journey. Together we have tackled more business, creative, and logistical challenges than most shows experience in a lifetime of production, yet we continue to prevail with these top rated, critically acclaimed shows. We are prepping now for next season and have more surprises and twists and turns to deliver audiences—I am just hoping they stay on the soaps and not in our way.”

At the time of writing Prospect Park has not revealed when the second seasons of OLTL and AMC will kick off. It has been revealed that the second season premier will coincide with the launch of a brand new user-friendly web-portal and app allowing viewers to connect easier with the two soaps.

Meanwhile OWN, Oprah Winfrey’s network, has begun airing the first batch of episodes of the revived soaps. If ratings are good enough its hoped that OWN will continue airing episodes of AMC and OLTL meaning they will truly have returned to television.

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