EastEnders Pictures – Janine kisses Danny

EastEnders Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) is jealous and angry as estranged wife Janine (Charlie Brooks) puckers up with Danny Pennant (Gary Lucy) in tonight’s episode.

EastEnders: Picture Preview

Prior to the kiss, Janine and Michael have a heated row which distracts them from their daughter Scarlett.

However, when Scarlett has an accident the pair are forced to pull together and Michael uses the situation to his advantage by flirting with Janine.

It doesn’t take Janine long to realise that Michael is trying to get inside her head again and she orders him to leave.

Alone and frustrated, Janine makes a phone call and invites Danny over.

Later, a jealous and angry Michael watches on from across the street as Janine kisses Danny before leading him inside.

EastEnders airs tonight at 8.00pm on BBC One

EastEnders: Picture Preview

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