The Daily Star Sunday have revealed details on how David Wicks (Michael French) will return to EastEnders next month.

David returns to Walford with girlfriend Naomi (Lisa Maxwell), and pays old flame Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) a visit demanding to see his daughter Bianca (Patsy Palmer). However, he is out of luck as Bianca has gone away for a while.

EastEnders Lisa Maxwell & Michael French

A few days later David is beaten and left for dead when his “dodgy past” catches up with him.  Following the beating, David turns up at Carol and Bianca’s once again and Carol is forced to take him in until he is back on his feet.

Carol’s boyfriend Masood Ahmed (Nitin Ganatra) is unhappy with this arrangement.

Michael French as David Wicks In EastEnders

EastEnders bosses last month confirmed that Michael French has reprised his role as lothario David, while Lisa Maxwell’s guest appearance as Naomi was confirmed earlier this month.

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David and Carol rekindled their romance when David returned to Walford for the death of his mum Pat (Pam St. Clement) in 2011. However, David faced pressure from Carol’s older brother Derek (Jamie Foreman) to leave the Square following Pat’s funeral in January 2012.

David initially planned to take Carol with him but at the last minute decided he couldn’t go through with it and left on his own.

EastEnders airs on BBC One.

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