He became a children’s favourite appearing alongside artist Tony Hart for decades on the BBC, and now the miniature brown Plasticine man is making a comeback in an online game.


Morph, who lived in a wood pencil case, was first seen on art show Take Hart in 1977 and continued to be seen alongside the late Tony Hart throughout the 80s and early 90s on follow-up series Hartbeat. In 1980 The Amazing Adventures of Morph hit the air sealing the characters status as a classic children’s character.

In recent years he returned to the BBC in SMart, the revamped art and creative series, which Tony had initially co-hosted as SMart Hart alongside Kirsten O’Brien. While Tony retired in 2002, and died aged 83 in 2009, Morph has no plans to give up performing yet.

Created by animators Aardman squeaky inaudible Morph is starring in a dark gothic film for Forkbeard Fantasy in an online game. Entitled The Space, the project is part of an Arts Council England and BBC co-operation.

See Morph of 2012 here, players need to navigate through two games before the popular Plasticine figure makes his appearance.

“It features old newsreel showing the creation of Plasticinematography, featuring Morph and a host of other characters.” The Sun newspaper notes.

Tony Hart

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