Sky Living To ‘Ditch the Pink’ As Part Of Re-Brand

SKY LivingSky Living is to undergo a re-brand as the digital channel ditches the pink to broaden its audience.

The channel, formerly known as Living, will unveil a brand new look later this year as part of its creative revamp. Antonia Hurford-Jones, the controller of the channel, is keen to “ditch” the pink in the hope of attracting a wider audience.

Antonia Hurford-Jones revealed the station is to revamp its on-screen presence at the Edinburgh TV Festival where she told reporters “We are in the middle of a bit of a revamp and from September onwards, we’re doing a rebrand. My feeling was on joining Sky Living about a year ago it was a little bit too niche in the sort of subject matters we were covering,”

“I wanted to broaden it out from that old fashioned view of women liking girly pink stuff and fashion and dating and weddings. That’s not to say there isn’t a place for all those things, but women are quite normal and we have lots of broad interests and I think we needed to broaden it out a bit and widen our remit.”

Jones added “We keep being told that women like watching television with their partners. They don’t want to sit alone in their pink fluffy bedroom, wearing their pink fluffy negligee, watching shows on their own. It’s all about watching with their partners. So shared viewing is extremely important.”

While Sky Living will broaden its remit its unlikely it will air programmes which are exclusively aimed at the male market ” wouldn’t do anything that was exclusively male-skewed, but pretty much everything else is fair game. As well as metaphorically, I am literally de-pinking the channel”

The channel is currently home to shows such as Four Weddings, Dating in the Dark, The Hunks and Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model which are more likely to attract a female audience. Sky Living also broadcasts American dramas such as Elementary, Chicago Fire, Nikita and Criminal Minds.

Bedlam-Season-TwoIn recent years though the channel has expanded its original UK fare with two seasons of the supernatural drama Bedlam (the first series which starred Will Young and Theo James while the second starred Lacey Turner, pictured right), The Spa and Mount Pleasant which transferred over from Sky One. Forthcoming original dramas include Dracula, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Trying Again a comedy starring Jo Joyner and Chris Addison.

Sky Living’s drive to increase its original UK drama and comedy is part of a larger drive by BSkyB in general across its range of stations such as Sky One, Sky Arts and Sky Atlantic. It comes as the BBC is also seeking to increase home-grown drama and comedy on BBC Two while Channel 4 is seeking to boost its comedy and drama line-up.

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