Celebrity Big Brother, The GardenTo win a luxury warm cooked breakfast the housemates in the basement must kick start Big Brother’s generator in the garden.

Big Brother say, “Housemates in the main house wake up to find that all the kitchen appliances have been turned off. Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas and explains that he was intending to supply the housemates with a delicious cooked breakfast; however the power supply seems to be down due to the cold weather.”

But Big Brother has a solution it is explained. In the garden is a back-up generator which needs starting. The housemates in the main house must choose two housemates from the basement to start the generator. To do this they must build up an electric charge by turning the large crank positioned in a vat of leaky oil-gunge which is connected to the generator.

cbb-f-dettori“They must do this by pushing the crank clockwise whilst trudging through the slippery black oil. As they push the crank the charge will go up on a gauge in the garden, if they stop at any point the charge will begin to decrease. Once they have successfully charged the generator the task will be complete and they will be rewarded with cooked breakfasts.”

This morning housemates in the main house had to choose two housemates in the basement to restart Big Brother’s backup generator in order to win a cooked breakfast for all housemates.

The housemates chose Frankie (pictured) and Sam,  After a lot of gunging and crank turning Frankie and Sam managed to kick start the generator winning cooked breakfasts for everyone.

However Big Brother had two breakfasts lined up: one a luxury breakfast consisting of salmon and egg muffins, bacon butties, sausage rolls, fresh fruit and pastries and the other a bog standard ‘breakfast in a tin’.

Housemates in the main house had to decide which side received which. They chose to accept the ‘breakfast in a tin’ and generously give the basement housemates the luxury breakfast.

Celebrity Big Brother, 9pm on Channel 5

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