Celebrity Big Brother: Fake evictee Carol re-enters house and nominates Courtney


Celebrity Big Brother housemate Carol McGiffin re-entered the main house this evening, after being fake evicted as part of this week’s shopping task.

In the shopping task Carol was taken prisoner alongside Lauren Harries and Mario Falconé by a character called ‘Mr Big’.

The main house were led to believe they were living in a grimy prison when in fact they were in a luxury room where they could watch the main house via a plasma screen.

The main house had to participate in a series of tasks to ensure their release, however they failed to perform the tasks to Mr Big’s satisfaction.

As a result of this they had to choose one of the imprisoned housemates to be evicted immediately. The housemates chose Carol leaving Mario and Lauren to return to the main house without her.

Carol then re-entered the task room where she continued to watch her fellow housemates’ every move.

After returning to the main house in tonight’s live eviction show – which saw Sophie Anderton evicted from the house – Carol was given the power to choose one housemate who would automatically face the public vote this week.

Carol chose Courtney and said she had been disappointed with her performance during the task and Courtney’s reason for choosing her to be evicted.

Housemates will now nominate face-to-face to determine who will join Courtney in facing the fourth eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother, nightly on Channel 5

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