Sky ArtsInterior designer Sarah Brummer and collector Paul Liengaard unite to scour the UK in search of hidden treasures waiting to be reclaimed, restored and brought back to life in new factual entertainment show Design Dealers which is to air on Sky Arts 2.

Sarah says, “Since I was old enough to shop for myself, I’ve frequented second-hand shops and scoured flea markets for my own clothes and décor so working with Paul to unearth hidden treasures for a range of clients with very specific ideas and briefs was a challenge we both took great pleasure in.”

With a lifelong passion for vintage décor and flea market finds nostalgia-junkie Sarah Brunner has always relished the challenge of discovering and restoring unique items. San Francisco-born Sarah has carved a successful career from this obsession, having launched her own antique dealership and interior design firm Otto Retro in Exeter.

“Design Dealers shows that inspiration and design really can be found everywhere as we realise the potential of unusual and overlooked objects, placing them in spaces where their beauty can be truly appreciated. From a selection of 100 year old barrels we discovered and placed in one of London’s finest five star hotels to the pagoda we crafted from a satellite dish for soul singer Joss Stone’s garden, we’ll prove that even the most seemingly uninteresting of objects can be brought back to life with a little hard work and attention.” adds Paul.

Exposed to design and innovation from an early age Paul Liengaard is the grandson of Sir Ove Arup, one of the foremost architectural structural engineers of the 20th Century, whose legacy includes the iconic Sydney Opera House. A lovable trader, designer and born showman, Paul is always on the hunt for unusual items and is regularly called upon to help source props for movies, stage productions and to create unique installations for events and festivals across the country.

“The Design Dealers are tasked by high-end clients – including Joss Stone, The Goring Hotel and Liberty’s – with putting their knack for discovering diamonds in the rough to the ultimate test; embarking on an adventure to seek out one-of-a-kind objects to be placed in the country’s most exclusive contemporary spaces.” Sky state.

The series begins on Tuesday 15th January at 8pm on Sky Arts 2

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