CBB - Vicky Entwhistle & TOWIE nobodyVicky Entwistle and Mario Falconé have finished in sixth and fifth place respectively in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother final.

The Coronation Street actress and TOWIE star left the house together and joined Emma Willis for a joint post-eviction interview.

Mario said it felt “surreal” to be out of the house, while Vicky agreed that it was “weird” to see so many people.

Vicky said she had been ready to leave the house.

Mario: “In my eyes everyone in that house is a winner, it’s a lot harder than people think in there.”

Emma asked Vicky if she had found it difficult living with so many big personalities.

Vicky: “Everyone had their moments where they just wanted to get away and have some quiet time but you can’t because there’s nowhere to escape.”

Emma asked Vicky about her relationship with Carol in the house which had been up and down.

“I think maybe it was like Charlotte said, I was the mum [and] she was the nanna, and sometimes we had different ways of doing things. I found her overpowering.” Vicky explained.

Emma asked Vicky how she feels towards Carol now.

Vicky: “She makes me laugh, she’s a very funny woman. I just think she’s a little bit selfish that’s all.”

Vicky said of Charlotte: “She’s fun but sometimes she’s quite coarse and when you have that 24/7 it can begin to grate.”

Emma asked Mario about his discomfort when Vicky and Carol had clashed.

“I don’t like people speaking nasty about other people behind their backs,” replied Mario.

Emma asked Mario if he had played it safe in the house.

Mario: “No I’m not the TOWIE guy everyone thinks I am, I’m not volatile, I’m not the sort of person to get involved in arguments that don’t have anything to do with me.”

Mario admitted he bit his tongue sometimes in the house to avoid conflict.

Vicky said she would like to see Lauren win the show while Mario opted for Charlotte.

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