Luisa Bradshaw-White to play Shirley’s sister in EastEnders

Shirley Carter’s troublesome sibling will arrive in Walford in the coming weeks.

Tina will be played by Luisa Bradshaw-White who is best known for her roles in Holby City and This Life.

Although never seen until now, Tina has been mentioned on various occasions including in 2010 when Shirley’s niece Zsa Zsa (Emer Kenny) lived with her in Walford.

Speculation as to the character’s arrival began in earnest on Tuesday evening (17 September) following a cryptic tweet from the soap’s Executive Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins. He shared a picture of a coat with the name Tina emblazoned on the back; this type of coat that is given out to cast and crew on the BBC One soap to keep them warm when filming in cold weather conditions.

Tina has been billed as cheeky, full of energy, loud, brash, and very very naughty by the Beeb.

“I am so excited to be joining EastEnders to play Tina as she is such a brilliant character to play. Linda is an amazing person to work with and the energy between Shirley and Tina is explosive!” – Luisa Bradshaw-White

Bosses have promised there are big things in store for the Carter sisters when Tina makes her debut in November.

“If there is one person who can lead Shirley astray, it will be Tina.” – BBC

Shirley is currently absent from Walford in mysterious circumstances after getting on the wrong side of villain Carl White (Daniel Coonan).

EastEnders airs four times a week on BBC One.

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