OfcomFour separate local TV locations have been merged, which have yet to be advertised, following a consultation period.

The broadcasting regulator Ofcom invited views on merging the locations (Luton and Bedford, Gloucester and Malvern) to create two single local TV licences. A response said that Luton and Bedford shared ‘significant cultural similarities’. The same reason was given for Gloucester and Malvern.

Upon creating the Luton local licence, Ofcom said: “This is because we think that merging the two areas would make the licensed service more viable.” Ofcom said that merging of Gloucester and Malvern to create the single Gloucester licence would “make it more likely that we receive viable licence applications for this area.”

Ofcom has granted several broadcasting licences for the new local stations, with some expecting to be on the air at the end of the year.

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