Ethel Kennedy in feature length documentary

Sky Atlantic is to broadcast a feature length documentary with matriarch Ethel Kennedy that gives a very personal portrait of the Kennedy family.

The HBO production is the first film made about the Kennedys from within the family, and Ethel’s first interview in over two decades. Now 84, Ethel talks candidly about her life – from her political awakening, to her life with Robert and years following his death. In-depth interviews with her children Kathleen, Joe, Bobby, Courtney, Kerry, Chris and Max ensure a rare and insightful look at the Kennedy dynasty.

Entitled simply Ethel the programme revisits some of her most heart-breaking moments. JFK’s assassination in 1963 unleashed, she says, “a tidal wave of grief…It was six months of just blackness.” When asked about her husband’s assassination, a mere five years later, Ethel demurs, expect to say that her children, along with her faith, helped her get through it. “I’d wake up every morning and imagine him up there with Jack.”

With access to rare home videos and personal photographs, the documentary covers a gamut of events from the McCarthy hearings and the Civil Rights movement, to Vietnam, the assassinations of John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy.

Directed by her Emmy ® winning daughter, Rory Kennedy Ethel will transmit exclusively on Sky Atlantic in January next year.

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