EyeSpy: Remembering Kenneth Kendall

Kenneth KendallATV Today salutes the former newsreader Kenneth Kendall, who died earlier today. Kendall is best remembered for his long stint with BBC News and Channel 4 game show Treasure Hunt.

The former schoolmaster joined the beeb in 1948 as a radio newscaster, moving to television in 1952. In the sixties he switched channels to ITN and local ITV regional news when he went freelance.

Kendall later returned to the BBC newsroom before retiring in 1981. He was lured back in front of the cameras by Channel 4 to host game show Treasure Hunt between 1982 and 1989.

Other notable appearances include in BBC Dramas Adam Adamant and Doctor Who as well as one of a number of hosts of religious broadcast Songs Of Praise. His last major television appearance, in 2010, was part of The Young Ones a social experiment by the BBC which saw six celebrities live together in a 1970s setting. The stars in their 70s and 80s were ‘transported back’ to their ‘golden era’ to see if going back mentally could overcome aging problems.

Below its that classic Channel 4 series which we remember Kenneth.

Kenneth Kendall – August 7th 1924 – 14th December 2012

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